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New Video: Conflict on Projects - Please Tell Me Why?

  • By: pcadmin on 02 Apr 2018

Join Procept Senior Associate, Janice Petley, as she explains the most common causes of conflict on projects — and what to do about them.

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Procept Associates Ltd. Announces Acquisition of TidalShift Inc.

  • By: pcadmin on 05 Feb 2018

Bringing together two training companies leading in their respective fields, Procept Associates Ltd. has acquired 100% of the shares in TidalShift Inc.

“What first attracted us to TidalShift was its Organizational Lift ModelTM,” says Kevin Aguanno, President of Procept. “This model focuses on developing understanding, skills and behaviours in three areas of competency that underpin any organization’s ability to move ahead, allowing it to be adaptive, effective, and cohesive. We found that this comprehensive model well described the needs of our clients and provided a framework for improving their performance. Through this acquisition, Procept now has a structured way of moving from being a transactional training provider to becoming a strategic partner in achieving long-term performance improvements for our clients.”

Noting the strong synergies between the two organizations, TidalShift co-founder Catherine Daw notes: “Procept’s position in the marketplace as Canada’s premiere project management training provider fits well with TidalShift’s Organizational Lift Model. We plan on leveraging Procept’s deep catalogue of offerings in this area to bolster the organizational effectiveness portion of our model. I see tremendous benefits for our clients by leveraging the combined strengths of our two organizations.”

Kevin Aguanno also commented on the strategic nature of the acquisition: “In recent years, the standards bodies and thought leaders of the project management profession have noted the growing importance of soft skills training for project leaders. In addition, there has been growing demand for benefits realization – projects need to deliver results – so change management skills are now highly sought after. TidalShift brings strong capabilities in these two strategic areas to the Procept team. We believe that the combination of these two organizations will position us well to meet the changing needs of our clients.”

While their back-office functions will merge, the two companies will continue to operate and deliver under their own brands, selling the combined offerings of the two organizations to their clients.


Based in Toronto, Ontario, Procept Associates Ltd. is an international training and consulting company with offices across Canada, in the USA, in Switzerland, and with franchises in Africa. Procept is best well known as a pioneer in project management, business analysis and IT service management training and consulting. Procept and its subsidiaries have trained over 1 million people in over 17,000 organizations since 1965 making it one of the oldest adult training providers in the world. Find out more at www.Procept.com.


TidalShift Inc. (formerly SPM Learning Ltd., the training division spun off the SPM Group Ltd. in 2010) is a leader in leadership and team development, and change management training and consulting. TidalShift has won several international awards for its work including Continuing Education Provider of the Year from the Project Management Institute and the Gold Level award from the Institute for Performance and Learning (formerly Canadian Society for Training and Development). Find out more at www.TidalShift.ca.

Team Procept Climbs CN Tower for Charity

  • By: pcadmin on 30 Jan 2018

Procept has organized a team to participate in the CN Tower Climb for Nature on Saturday, April 7, 2018.  Funds raised go to the World Wildlife Fund.  Our team, "The Procept All-Stairs," is trying to raise a minimum of $1000 for the charity.  Procept has kindly agreed to match whatever funds we raise, doubling our impact.  Please help by sponsoring our team with a donation by using the link below.  And thank you in advance for your support for this cause.

NEW VIDEO: Choosing the Right Iteration Length

  • By: pcadmin on 16 Jan 2018

Join Procept's Agile Practice Lead, Kevin Aguanno, as he answers common questions all new agile practitioners ask such as how do you choose the right iteration (or sprint) length for your project? Should you always choose the same length? And can you vary them?

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NEW VIDEO: Bimodal Delivery Explained

  • By: pcadmin on 09 Jan 2018

JJoin Procept's Agile Practice Lead, Kevin Aguanno, as he explains "bimodal delivery" in simple, everyday terms.

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NEW VIDEO: A Day in the Life of an Agile Team

  • By: pcadmin on 05 Jan 2018

View this video recording of Kevin Aguanno's presentation titled "A Day in the Life of an Agile Team" wherein he shows how many agile and scrum practices all come together in practice. A must-see for any agile practitioner.

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NEW VIDEO: Change is the New Norm

  • By: pcadmin on 10 Nov 2017

View this video recording of Sandra Reimer's presentation titled "Change is the New Norm: How to use Change Management Techniques in your Projects" from the International Project Management Day celebrations in Toronto on 2 November 2017.

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2017 Scholarship Winner Announced

  • By: pcadmin on 23 Oct 2017

Procept is pleased to announce the inaugural winner of the Hans Aggarwal Memorial Scholarship, launched earlier this year to honour the memory of a deceased Procept associate who was a pioneer in business analysis education. For more details on the scholarship, please visit the Hans Aggarwal Memorial Scholarship page.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the 2017 winner: Fernando Schmidkonz.

NEW VIDEO: Exploring the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

  • By: pcadmin on 20 Oct 2017

Today, Procept published a video to YouTube that is a recording of yesterday's webinar by associate Don Wallar titled Exploring the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. The content is based on Patrick Lencioni’s bestselling book, used with his permission.

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FREE WEBINAR - The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

  • By: cprior on 12 Oct 2017

Join Don Wallar on October 18, 2017, at 12:00 pm, as he explores the challenges that teams face today. Why do some teams succeed and others fail? Are there any hallmarks that define high-performing teams? Based on Patrick Lencioni’s bestselling book, “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team”, we will examine the foundations to build a successful team.



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