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Agile Consulting

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As leaders in the agile services field, Procept's agile consultants bring decades of experience to your projects. In fact, some of our consultants are among the leaders in the agile movement — the ones who developed the agile methods in the first place! Take advantage of the expertise they have gained while helping organizations of all sizes adopt agile delivery approaches.

Scrum and other agile methods tell us how to efficiently execute highly-complex or high-change projects; however, most fail to give guidance on how to effectively steer a project through the various stages of pre-initiation reviews and funding approvals. This offering helps you estimate an agile project business case and plan your agile project at the right level of detail to get it through your project funding approval process, while still maintaining a quick, lightweight approach. Get help from an expert in making agile work in large enterprises.








Once your agile project’s business case is approved, you’ll need to get some form of agreement in place between the business sponsor and the delivery team. This might be a formal contract between two companies, or it may be a less formal document of understanding (DOU) between two departments in the same organization. This offering gets you expert help to build your agile contract — either time and materials or fixed price — to minimize your risk while still giving the sponsor the flexibility desired from an agile approach.









Agile projects use different metrics and reporting techniques than traditional project management approaches. As a result, PMOs and risk managers have a difficult time assessing whether an agile project is healthy or if there are early warning signs that it is getting into trouble. This offering brings in an expert assessor to review your agile project and let you know if your project is agile... or fragile.









Considering a move to agile? If so, you should know what challenges to expect—specific to your organization—and what to do about them. Get help from a top industry expert in enterprise agile adoption as he assesses your personnel, your processes, your support systems and tools, and your governance structure to see how ready your organization is. The final report includes findings and recommended improvements.









Transitioning to agile requires significant changes in your management processes and metrics, your project delivery processes, and how your team members work together. Most organizations face serious challenges — some quite significant — when adopting agile methods. Why reinvent the wheel where others have already gone before you. Have one of the top industry experts on agile transformations help you develop a customized, phased, agile adoption strategy for your group.









Having trouble adapting agile methods to your unique company circumstances or to your individual project? Get help from an agile methodology guru who can assist you with incorporating individual agile techniques or tailoring a whole agile method.

Also, you may be interested in a complete disciplined, structured agile methodology called Methodology-in-a-Box :: Disciplined Agile Edition.







As you begin to implement agile methods, you will inevitably encounter unforeseen challenges. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, engage a Procept agile coach to help you through your first agile projects to help you avoid common pitfalls and take advantage of lessons learned from other organizations who have faced similar challenges in the past.