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Procept senior associate Bill Richardson shares information on why distress tolerance matters towards achieving success in your career and life in this fascinating one-hour video.

The government-enforced closures and social distancing measures introduced to combat the COVID-19 crisis have revealed risks and weaknesses for which many organizations were ill prepared.

Learn from Procept consultant Don Wallar in this fascinating video as he shares fascinating stories and insights about the challenges of managing stakeholders and team members in matrixed... More

Recorded at the 2019 International Project Management Day celebrations in Toronto, this video by Michael Lemiski looks at the differences between projects in the IT and construction industries.

In this video by Sylvie Edwards, recorded at the 2019 International Project Management Day celebration in Toronto, learn about the different types of PMOs, how they are structured, and how to... More

Watch this recorded webinar by Reg Scotland, Procept's Change Management Practice Lead, to learn how to build your personal resilience "muscles" to help you cope with COVID-19 related stress and... More

In alignment with recent government actions, Procept is increasing the threat response level to level 3, the highest level in Procept's Infectious Disease Outbreak Plan.  At level 3, we are... More

With the spread of COVID-19 around the world, Procept is already finding its business operations impacted as our various customers implement policies to protect their own employees and operations... More

In this 48-minute interview, Procept instructors Johanna Tivig and Peter Monkhouse talk about why the role of Product Owner needs to evolve and their vision for the expanded role.

Join Procept instructor Carolynne Fletcher-Wintrip as she talks about how organizations can embrace agility, making their culture more adaptable to change.