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Learn about the importance of integrating change management and project management practices in this newly-recorded webinar by Procept instructor Ori Schibi.

As the changing global climate leads to an increase in natural disasters and global political instability and security issues lead to threats of violence, organizations struggle to ensure they will... More

Stay on top of the latest trends in the agility movement and watch this video by Procept senior instructor Bill Richardson of his presentation at the International Project Management Day... More

Procept is pleased to announce that its status as an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) training has been extended by the accreditation body (PeopleCert)... More

TidalShift recently received a video testimonial from Nicole Wershler, a client in Alberta, who praises the company for the excellence of its change management offerings.

Join Procept president Kevin Aguanno as he explains the details around the Certified Agile Project Manager (Cert.APM) exam from the Project Management Association of Canada.

As one of the early promoters of the ITIL framework for IT service management, Procept has stayed aligned with the standards as they have gone through changes from v2 through to the new v4.

Join Procept associate Terry Kozlowski as she shares success tips for new supervisors who are directly responsible for their workers' performance.

In today’s world, a product or idea becomes obsolete before it comes off the drawing board. Leadership seems to be the mitigating factor to keep the bottom line from eroding or advancing.

In these challenging times, how do you motivate and reward employees when budgets are tight?


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