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Management Consulting

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Procept's team of consultants provide traditional management consulting services in several areas including organizational design, business strategy consulting, designing employee rewards and recognition programs, and business continuity planning.

Today, many companies squander scarce resources on ineffective employee rewards and recognition programs designed for other times in the business cycle. In the current lean environment, companies need to get the most out of every employee and out of every rewards and recognition dollar. Procept's expert consultants can tell you how you can stretch your rewards budget by spending it more effectively, leveraging your investment to maximize the performance of your team... and your organization.

By properly designing the employee rewards and recognition system, Procept helps its clients:

  • Improve employee morale
  • Improve team motivation and employee motivation
  • Improve departmental and cross-organizational teaming
  • Maximize the benefits of rewards and recognition programs
  • Avoid the common rewarding mistakes
  • Choose rewards that suit the recipients
  • Choose rewards that suit the accomplishment
  • Tie rewards to specific accomplishments to reinforce the right behaviours
  • Give rewards in a timely fashion

Business continuity planning is the process of developing, maintaining and implementing continuity procedures to prevent, respond, recover and restore business operations within agreed business timeframes after an extended disruption to business operations from natural, man-made or technology hazards,

Service features:

  • Initiate Business Continuity — Procept works with the company's management to establish a business continuity policy for the organization, define the policy objectives, scope, sponsor, project manager, other project staff, project deliverables, initial risks, and a common definition for "disaster". it includes training of the core project team in the business continuity planning methodology to be adopted by the organization.
  • Plan Business Continuity Management — Procept creates a scope statement, work breakdown structure, project schedule, cost baseline, and the following plans: change management, risk management, quality management, human resource management, communications, organizational change, and procurement management.
  • Conduct Business Impact Analysis — Working with business unit representatives, Procept identifies critical business processes and services, and determines the impact on the business of a loss of service. Business impact analysis reports include business criticality timescales, interdependencies, recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.
  • Perform Risk Assessment — Procept identifies and analyzes risks associated with the company's critical business processes and services, business functions and facilities, determines risk reduction measures, and provides cost-benefit analyses to justify the implementation of the risk reduction measures.
  • Determine Business Continuity Strategies — This service entails determining and guiding the selection of recovery options/strategies to recover critical business processes and services within recovery time objectives, including maintaining the company's critical functions and facilities.
  • Develop Business Continuity Plans — The design and development of plans to provide continuity of business operations, using selected continuity strategies to restore critical processes within recovery priorities.
  • Prepare to Execute — This consulting service ensures that the organization is ready to respond to emergencies by hiring, training, or otherwise acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge and by testing all planning documents. This would include establishing supplier contracts and emergency operations centres as needed and also entails testing and exercising business continuity plans, evaluating results, and re-testing and re-exercising the plans as appropriate.
  • Institute Training and Awareness Program — Training ensures that recovery teams are able to execute their responsibilities safely and with the proper level of skill. Awareness keeps the whole organization familiar with general responsibilities, ongoing continuity exercises and how continuity planning impacts their area of the business.
  • Maintain, Exercise, and Review — These activities include preparing and implementing procedures for plan review and updates, executing training, awareness, testing and exercising schedules and suing change management to ensure that plans reflect changed conditions.

Consulting Clients

Consulting Testimonials

For several years, Dalhousie has had an ongoing, positive relationship with Procept and we expect to work with them for many years to come [...] We known we can always count on Procept Associates.

Steve Andrews: Program Director, Dalhousie University

I would highly recommend Procept Associates for project management training services.

Dino Loricchio: Manager, PMO, Kingston General Hospital

We felt we had a partner; not just a vendor.  I would not hesitate to recommend Procept Associates.

Warren Long: President, PMI New Brunswick