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Drug and Alcohol Policy

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Procept Associates Ltd. is committed to the health, safety, and wellness of its employees, contractors, and the public and our Health and Safety Policy describes this in more detail. Procept has developed this Drug and Alcohol Policy as an extension to our Health and Safety Policy and to align with the workplace policies of some of our clients who require that our employees and contractors abide by similar (or stricter) policies to their own internal policies around drug and alcohol use.

The use of illicit drugs, alcohol, cannabis, and the inappropriate use of medications can have serious adverse impacts in the workplace and may seriously hurt Procept’s image and reputation with its clients.

Procept employees and contractors cannot use illicit drugs, alcohol, or cannabis within 8 hours before (or during) a consulting or training engagement. Use of prescribed medications that have the potential of adversely effecting a person’s workplace performance is discouraged on days when an employee or contractor will be performing training or consulting services in front of clients; however, when such use is medically necessary, Procept asks that the medication not be misused in such a way as to increase such effects. Use of cannabis, even if medically prescribed, is not allowed when performing client-facing services. If an employee or contractor is using cannabis for medical purposes, then he or she may do so only when performing non client-facing work.

For the purpose of interpreting the above, “cannabis” means any substance or mixture of substances that contains any part of a cannabis plant, including the phytocannabinoids produced by or found in a cannabis plant, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and any substance or mixture of substances that is identical to any such phytocannabinoid regardless of how the substance was obtained (e.g. cannabis, synthetic cannabinoids) in any consumable format (dried for smoking, vaping liquids, oils, edibles, etc.).

Also, “illicit drug” means any drug or substance that is not legally obtainable and its use, sale, possession, purchase, or transfer is restricted or prohibited by law (e.g. street drugs such as cocaine).

All employees and contractors must abide by this policy. Procept management (or a delegate) may conduct checks at any time without notice to ensure compliance with this policy. Failure to comply with the provisions of this policy could lead to corrective action, which may include discipline up to and including termination of employment.


Signed 10 October 2018 by Kevin Aguanno, President