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Danielle Papillon

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As a professional corporate trainer, coach, and consultant, Danielle Papillon has 20 years of experience helping clients across multiple industries in both the English and French languages. Her sharp business sense and keen understanding of business flow, processes and procedures allows her to strategize, negotiate, design, develop and implement company policy changes for clients. Danielle effectively analyzes client needs and develops customized learning solutions aligned with their development strategies.

Danielle specializes in helping clients develop communication skills (e.g. conflict resolution, negotiating, customer service), leadership skills (e.g. team development, change management, employee performance), time management skills (e.g. efficiency and stress management) and performance management skills (e.g. conducting performance evaluations and strategic planning).

With her considerable experience, she has taught and coached successfully for diverse groups at all levels of organizations, from front-line workers to board-level positions. Danielle’s “joie de vivre” and relaxed sense of humour enrich her classes with optimism and enthusiasm. Participants find her hands-on teaching style both engaging and impactful.

She is also an accomplished technical writer, the designer of several e-learning courses, and the co-author of three books.

An accomplished professional speaker, Danielle provides keynotes for audiences around the world, including at the Université de Paris for its Global Innovation Conference for Architects and Engineers.







Automotive, Construction, Cross-Industry, Education, Financial Services, Government, Industrial, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Transportation


Business Process Modeling, Business Process Review, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Curriculum Development, Customer Service, Management Development, Operations, Process Change, Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Supervisory Skills


Danielle Papillon