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Beth Wallace

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Beth Wallace has 25+ years of operations and senior management experience. Much of her background is in the software and education sector with significant time leading growth and expansion during the dot-com era in the 1990s. During that period, Beth was named in Chatelaine magazine’s “Who’s Who of Canadian Women”.

Beth’s corporate background includes specialties in: troubleshooting barriers to growth and expansion, building and leading teams, and workshop delivery and presentation. She has depth in operations, sales & marketing leadership, and growth consulting – in particular with Canadian organizations interested in US expansion, and has a keen interest in the introduction of new products and offerings into uncharted territory.

Beth has a strong interest in examining the link between mindfulness and authentic leadership and is passionate about working with organizations and individuals to integrate mindfulness practices into their day to day personal and work life. Through The Mindful Project, Beth assists leaders to uncover their natural ability for greater clarity, resiliency, and presence in meeting the challenges of leadership.

Combining her corporate management background with her interest in the benefit and practice of mindfulness, Beth views mindfulness as a gateway to a greater presence, intention, action, compassion for self and other, and ultimately stronger leadership ability.

Beth offers mindfulness-based programs that emphasize resiliency and growth. The format ranges from presentations and keynotes to seminars, workshop training, and individual coaching format.

Beth is a graduate of the 12-month Certificate in Mindful Facilitation through the Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) at UCLA Semel Neuroscience Institute. Prior to that, Beth was Associate Publisher of Mindful, Shambhala Sun (Lion’s Roar) & Buddhadharma magazines. While with Mindful magazine, she was instrumental in its launch, collaborating with leading researchers and mindfulness teachers across North America.

A Halifax native, Beth has a BBA from Mount Saint Vincent University and has studied at the graduate level in Adult Education at Dalhousie University. Beth is a board and faculty member of the Atlantic Contemplative Centre and regularly publishes online.



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