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Management Courses

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Procept offers a number of general management courses on topics of interest to managers of all types plus those interested in moving into management positions.  These courses may cross role boundaries and be of interest to business managers, project managers, technical team members, business analysts and more.

Beginner Courses

Course ID Title Duration
SF-4902 Active Listening 1/2 day
4304 Beating the Clock: Personal Time Management 1 day
0123B Being an Effective Construction Supervisor 2 days
PK-3806 Building a Better Business Case 1 or 2 days
SO-4201 Business Continuity Management Executive Awareness 1 day
SF-4901 Communicating with Clarity 1/2 day
PX-4305 Communications In Action 1 day
BC-4800 Constructive Debate™ - A Collaborative Approach to Building Better Ideas 1 Day
1706 Contract Management Fundamentals 2 days
ML-4600 COVID-19 Response and Recovery Planning 1/2 day to 1 day
SF-4908 Dealing with Difficult Behaviour 1/2 day
SF-4905 Developing Inter-Cultural Competence 1/2 day
PK-4313 Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Sensitivity 1 day
CA-0601 Executive Strategy and Management [Online] 14 hours
SF-4907 Handling Difficult Situations 1/2 day
SF-4906 Influence and Persuasion 1/2 day
BR-4403 Introduction to Mindfulness 1 day
SF-4904 Leveraging Positive Body Langugage 1/2 day
CA-0602 Managing Project Teams [Online] 4 hours
VV-4308 Negotiating with Confidence: Mastering the Win-Win Approach 1/2, 1 or 2 days
4801 Public-Private-Partnership Fundamentals 3 days
4301 Rewarding Employees and Project Team Members Without Breaking the Bank 1 day
SS-0701 Six Sigma White Belt Workshop 2 days
PM-0123 Supervision in Today's Environment 2 days
SF-4903 Validating Assumptions and Perceptions 1/2 day

Intermediate Courses

Course ID Title Duration
SO-4200 Comprehensive Business Continuity Management ( ISO 22301 Practitioner ) 5 days
PX-4108 Demystifying Political Savvy 1 Day
MK-0502 Entrepreneurial Thinking and Customer Management [Online] 20 hours
4300 Leading Virtual Teams 1/2 day or 1 day
PC-4302 Leading Virtual Teams in a Changing City 1/2 day
3802 Preparing a Compelling Business Case 2 days
4400 Reviewing and Approving a Business Case 1 day
CA-1006 Strategic Planning Skills [Online] 4 hours
PM-0121 Successful Middle Management 2 days
PS-2300 The Art of Mindful Leadership: How to Create Greater Workplace Engagement 1 day
PX-4101 Thinking on Purpose: Outsmarting Evolution 1 day
PX-4102 Unconscious Bias: You are Not Your Brain 1/2 day
4402 Working with Empathy 1/2 day

Advanced Courses

Course ID Title Duration
4700 Advanced Facilitation Techniques 2 days