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When you're facing down a lion on the open Savannah, automatic reactions hardwired into your system through eons of evolution can save your life. However, when you're trying to impress the CEO across a boardroom table, those same responses can cost you big time. So, how do you overcome your automatic reactions, retrain your brain, and outsmart evolution? Learn how using the techniques revealed in this 1-hour webinar. 

To become more purposeful in your actions, and to expand your insight and foresight, you need to do less of your thinking on autopilot and more of your thinking on purpose. This involves a series of specific and deliberate steps: 
• Frame Your Purpose, so that you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish and why. 
• Qualify Your Information, so that you can distinguish between fact, fiction, and everything in between. 
• Identify Your Mindsets, so that you know what types of automatic thinking may be in play and how to deal with them. 
• Structure Your Thinking, so that you can escape the gravitational pull of autopilot thinking. 
• Validate Your Outcome, so that activity and effort are rewarded with achievement of a goal. 

Hosted by Bill Richardson, author of the book “Thinking on Purpose: Outsmarting Evolution”, will guide you through these steps with examples that will fascinate and intrigue. Learn the neuroscience behind why we think certain ways and learn how to overcome these biases.


Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:00
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Bill Richardson