After serving several years learning the training business under the Procept banner, instructor Paul Bergman has announced his departure from the organization effective today, November 17, 2008. Bergman worked several years for Procept, helping develop and deliver some beginner-level project management courses for the company. Keith Farndale, president of Procept Associates Ltd. stated that "Procept has always felt free to develop industry-specific, fundamental-level courses" while Bergman prefers generic courses delivered without customization. Farndale also sees the future moving towards more specialized and advanced courses, something Bergman is not inclined to offer.  Bergman and Farndale agreed to the split, with Bergman stating that it was "in order to allow each of us to grow strategically."

Bergman leaves on good terms, stating "I will look back on my time with Procept as being very positive, and am grateful for having been able to work with such a high calibre of people all these years. [...] I will also encourage my clients to continue to use Procept". Concerned about the impact on clients, Bergman states "I will do everything I can to help make the transition [...] seem as seamless as possible to our clients."

Any inquiries about Bergman's departure can be directed to