Integrated project planning is a process- and expertise-driven approach to ensuring project success. As project managers and leaders of highly-qualified teams, you need to understand how the many elements of the product scope and project scope are connected and the risks associated with them. Through a collaborative and inclusive process, you can develop an effective, well-designed plan providing enhanced assurance of successful project completion. Furthermore, critical to the success of projects is an ongoing rigorous integrated risk assessment and management process. As not all processes, procedures, or functions perform as expected, your experience, along with a pre-defined risk assessment and management process, will enable you to factor in current possibilities and work closely with your extended team to execute a plan and utilize contingencies as necessary. Pre-defined risk assessment and management processes will greatly enhance you and your team's ability to deliver the value and benefits anticipated by your stakeholders.

In this hour-long presentation by Dr. Bud Lush, learn the PM’s key responsibilities throughout a project, how to keep key stakeholders and the team committed throughout the project, the Golden Rules of project risk management, six detailed processes critical to effective risk management, what to look for and what questions to ask to get a true picture of project status, and how to apply practical risk management techniques in the planning, tracking and health monitoring of your project.

This video was provided courtesy of Procept Associates Ltd. from the 2016 International Project Management Day celebrations in Toronto, Canada.