2015 will be an exciting year for Procept Associates Ltd. The company's  founder, Keith Farndale, wanted to slow down and enjoy a “semi-retirement.” To that end a new investor was brought in to take over control of Procept Associates Ltd.. As of January 1, 2015 the new controlling shareholder of Procept Associates is Vita Capital Inc., which will take over the management of the company.

Farndale will continue his involvement with the company as an occasional instructor and as Chair of the Management Advisory Board.

Clients likely won’t notice much difference in their dealings with Procept in the near future; however, there are some fresh ideas, additional trainers, new services, and other offerings that the new management team brings that will be announced over the next few months.

Carlo Barrettara, PresidentThe new President of Procept is Carlo Barrettara, a very successful entrepreneur from the Toronto area. He has extensive experience in automating business processes to improve efficiencies and he is an expert in online marketing and campaign management. The new management team also will be bringing to Procept solid client relationships in the financial services and IT industries, which will help the company better serve clients in those fields.

Vita Capital Inc. is part of a group of companies that bring interesting synergies to the table. One company in the group invests heavily in eLearning courses. While most of their e-courses are custom-developed for corporate clients, they have started to convert some of their materials into public e-courses available through their online learning portal. Procept plans on taking advantage of this service so that it can more efficiently serve overseas clients and smaller clients that don’t have enough students to make a classroom course feasible.

New clients, new offerings, and a new approach to servicing our core client base – things are looking bright for Procept Associates in 2015 and beyond!