For those who are new to the project management profession or those who need help obtain their first project management job, Procept is pleased to announce that its Project Management Essentials courses are now accredited by the Project Management Association of Canada (PMAC) to prepare participants for the Certified Project Coordinator (CPC) exam. This is exciting news for new graduates and immigrants to Canada who wish to earn a Canadian qualification to aid in their immigration application or to help obtain their first Canadian job. The fact is there are numerous unfilled job openings for project managers across the country. Canada has a shortage of PMs that is expected to continue for many years into the future. This is a very attractive career choice with higher-than-average compensation, career mobility, and job security.

PMAC describes the new certification: "The Certified Project Coordinator (CPC) certification demonstrates to employers that a candidate has successfully demonstrated fundamental project management knowledge and skills to the standards of an independent professional association. The qualification shows that the candidate can work in the role of project coordinator as an assistant or under the direction of a project or program manager, or independently managing small, low-complexity projects with support from others."

The certification process is easy: complete Procept's Project Management Essentials course and complete the PMAC assessment process that consists of two parts: (1) demonstrating your PM knowledge by passing a 90-minute multiple choice exam that you can write from home, and (2) demonstrating your PM skills by completing three project management deliverables based on a provided case study.  Those who successfully complete the process earn the title "Certified Project Coordinator" and the letters "CPC" after their names.

"Procept is proud of its support for the project management community over the past 38 years," says Procept president Kevin Aguanno. "We are excited to be able to help people get their start in this rewarding profession by obtaining the CPC as their ticket to a future career in project management."

Procept's Project Management Essentials course is the first to be accredited by PMAC as meeting its quality standards and adequately preparing candidates for the CPC exam.