In partnership with TidalShift, The MEARIE Group will now be offering their Ontario energy-sector clients participants TidalShift's course leading to the internationally-recognized Change Management Practitioner™ certification. Participants will learn how to understand and manage change as an individual, as a member of a team, and as a leader. They will better understand the organizational “levers”, adoption approaches, and reinforcing systems required to sustain change.

“The energy sector is rapidly changing,” said Charlie C. Macaluso, President & CEO of The MEARIE Group. “Our clients need leaders qualified to manage and lead teams through change. We are pleased to offer this internationally recognized Change Management Practitioner program which we believe will enable organizations to lead and manage change, ensuring the future health of their business.”

The course qualifies for 35 hours of professional development credits from several organizations including the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the International Institute for Business Analysis.

About The MEARIE Group
The MEARIE Group provides comprehensive financial and business solutions to the energy sector in Ontario. MEARIE was created in 1987 by Ontario’s electricity distribution companies. Today, MEARIE offers an extensive range of services including: property/casualty insurance; risk management services; group benefits; human resource services; trades, professional and management training; and more – all targeted expressly to the energy sector. The MEARIE Group is based in Vaughan, Ontario. For more information about The MEARIE Group, please visit