TidalShift trainer David Donaldson co-presented a session at the annual Institute for Performance and Learning annual conference titled "Retain the Magic of In-Person When You Go Virtual" on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. In this fascinating session, the co-facilitators discussed the challenges that trainers face when trying to incorporate adult learning principles in a virtual training environment and how these challenges may be overcome. In a packed room of around 140 people, participants discussed three case studies and critically examined their own approaches alongside those of other participants.

Training professional trainers is not easy — in fact, they can be the most critical audience of all. Procept benefits when our associates present at conferences where we can showcase the quality of our instructors and consultants. In this case, our own David Donaldson and his co-presenter Dr. Marilyn Laiken braved the challenge and did an outstanding job. Kudos to the two for pulling it off in style!