Procept Associates and PMI-NB are partnering once again to provide specialized project management training in New Brunswick. We are very pleased to have acclaimed author and international speaker, Mark Kozak-Holland, to deliver his popular Lessons from History seminars. There will be three 1-day workshops and people can select a single workshop or register for the entire program. The event will be held in Fredericton, NB, on February 17 – 19, 2016. Seating is limited and early registration is strongly advised.

Managing in the Face of Meddling Stakeholders looks at the complex process of gathering requirements from multiple stakeholders. It examines how requirements (functional and non-functional) need to be carefully balanced so that one does not overshadow the other. It juxtaposes the project that designed and built Titanic and modern projects, examining the difficulties in managing principal stakeholders and the sponsor through the requirements process.

Managing Projects in a Hostile Environment looks at how a hostile environment can hinder the initiation and execution of a project. In today’s world, executives and senior management are more worried about their projects as they become more aware of high project failure rates across industries. The workshop juxtaposes the "Great Escape" case study and modern projects by looking at common problems like the challenges of initiating a project without sponsors, and getting enough support to get it through early stage gates.

Managing Projects in a Sea of Change looks at how continuous change can hinder the initiation and execution of a project. Change can adversely impact an organization and create a chaotic environment in which it is difficult to predict and to run projects. The workshop juxtaposes the Churchill case study and modern projects and looks at the importance of dealing with volatility and change. You will see how the concepts of agile project management were used to find a resolution to seemingly unsolvable problems in a very short time frame.

Procept Associates and PMI-NB have previously partnered to provide several courses including Agile Project Management, Managing Project Risk, Defining and Managing Business Requirements, and Project Management for IT Projects.

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