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Prem’s experience includes being a successful leader for a growing mid-size company where he trained other leaders. During this time, he noticed that no matter what skill sets he trained in others, there was still something missing: there was still some part of an effective leader that could not be captured in training manuals. While developing his MBA thesis, he discovered that his long-term meditation had impacted who he was as a leader. His sense of purpose, values, and both emotional and mental awareness made him more effective.

Combined with his years of experience training leaders, his personal leadership experience, and his research into leadership theory during his MBA, Prem developed a unique perspective on meditation and its benefits for leaders. He has been teaching mindfulness meditation for several years and has  practiced mindfulness for 16 years, applying the practice to his everyday working life.

Prem's interests lie in leadership development, employee empowerment, and performance management. He is an advocate for self development and personal transformation and specializes in the practical application of meditation tools in the work environment. He looks to apply his knowledge to help all people find peace, happiness, and purpose.



Cross-Industry, Financial Services, Nonprofit, Retail