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Starting out as a door-to-door salesman, deck hand on a shrimp boat and bad debt collector, Richard Morreale worked his way into the corporate world and up the ladder as a project and program manager to the highest levels of the profession. His crowning achievements during his 35 years in the project management profession included working on the team that put men on the moon as part of NASA’s Apollo space program, being part of the management team that computerized the UK income tax system and managing the rescue and delivery of a $500m program for the Police Forces in England and Wales. He is funny, fascinating, and a fantastic speaker.








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"Richard, the Program was transformed after your arrival – and we are now seeing the fruits of your labor. Few outside the 'inner circle' thought it was possible!!"

Sir Edmund Burton, Police IT Organisation Chairman, UK Home Office:

“I am just writing to thank you for running such a valuable two day workshop last week. Without exception, every individual on the course has said how worthwhile the training was and how much they enjoyed it. I am just disappointed that I was not able to attend.”

“You will be pleased to hear that they have written up the flipcharts and have booked a meeting with me next week to progress some of the ideas and actions coming out. I look forward to the team moving itself on.”

Jo Butlin, Business Development Manager for E-ON Energy:

I've had the opportunity to see Richard speak and have found him to be extremely knowledgable and engaging. His professionalism and style of delivery makes audience members be introspective about themselves and raises their consciousness to new levels. I highly recommend Richard for your next event.

John Fallon, CEO, John Fallon Presents:

I was an audience member of one of Richard's presentations. At the start of his presentation, he set the tone for the inspiration to come. He followed this by speaking to the direct needs of the audience, and expressing a genuine interest in the subject matter. In my opinion, Richard is a talented public speaker, and he clearly demonstrated his desire to inspire his audience.

Karen Lawrence, Student, TechEngage:

Richard is a great inspirational speaker and trainer. After attending one of his 'IT Account Management' training events I engaged Richard to train 60 of my peers and colleagues. Richard's knowledge of both project management & leadership, and his ability get that across in a way that inspires you to further develop your own capabilities is of great value. Some years on from our last engagement I still use much of the learning he provided.

Steve Armitage, MBA, PMP:

I have seen Richard speak on a number of occasions and am continually amazed at the way he takes complex subject matter and delivers it with humor, creativity and skill.

Patrick Henry, Owner, Henry Associates:

Richard is like Ronseal - He does exactly what it says on the tin. If he says he will deliver, he will deliver. If you have a project and no one else can help, then maybe you can hire the Morreale Team. Richard is a highly capable, and likable, Project Manager, I cannot recommend him enough and would jump at the chance of working with him again.

Chris Robinson, Training Consultant, PITO:

Richard is probably the most enthusiastic, motivated, management professional I have yet to be associated with. His positive, driven approach to managing projects and people is an inspiration. Without Richards support and words of wisdom, I would not be where I am today. Highly Recommended.

Annette Edwards Sheridan, Recruitment Executive, Life Cycle Management Systems:

I would recommend Richard Morreale for those clients who want a sincere, educated trainer with a wealth of experience, who can come in and teach you how to manage your projects effectively. I like how Richard fills his programs with real stories from his own life experiences - making him very likeable from the platform. He doesn't just give you the information - he shows you how it applies to business. Richard takes his role seriously and will put the time and effort into making his program fit your needs. (PS Ask him about his past experience organizing big projects in England.

Kelly Swanson, Motivational Speaker, Owner, Swanson Speaks:

Without a shadow of doubt, hands down, the most fun and effective manager I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The UK's loss is the US's gain. Enough said!

Dave Catchpole, Project Office Manager, Robert Fleming: