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Mary Donohue

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Named as one of the 18 Outstanding Women In Tech, in 2015, by RdigitalLife, and Diversity MBA’s top 50 under 50 in 2015, Dr. Donohue is a passionate advocate of revolutionizing today’s workforce training through technology and internal talent.  She believes passionately in the art of conversation, the value of team and outcome based training.

Dr. Donohue is a world-renowned speaker and TEDX presenter, television personality and columnist. Her work appears in the Huffington Post and Financial Post.

Dr. Donohue’s third book is The Power of Two. She also co-authored a best seller with Jack Canfield, of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, as well as Deepak Chopra.


She currently serves as Adjunct Professor of Business at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Through her work, Dr. Donohue seeks to inspire people to become ethical leaders, one conversation at a time.



Cross-Industry, Education


Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Stakeholder Engagement